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State of the Art Facilities

At Snowden Family Dental Care, we have renovated and added state of the art technology and first-class facilities to make your visit a wonderful experience. Below are a few of the items that we have installed and updated:

  • Digital x-ray equipment, including panorex, cephalometric, and CBCT Scan. Having digital x-rays’ allows for communication between multi discipline fields of dentistry and is HIPPA compliant.
  • Infection control: SFDC follows the latest MD OSHA regulations.  Dr Chu and staff attend annual seminars for the latest updates.
  • Digital impressions (scans) for crowns and bridges.
  • Dynamic X-Guided for accuracy of implant placement.
  • New operatories are environmentally friendly.
  • Handicapped accessible- in code with American Disabilities Act

Dr. Mana Shoeybi

Dr. Shoeybi received her Doctor Dental Surgery degree from University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 2019. She graduated in top 5% of class of 2019.